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I truly believe our emotions affect our health. Our bodies react to our emotions all the time. Think about how you clench your jaw when you’re upset or trudging on when exhausted and end up with a headache… How your belly acts when you are nervous or excited… You are bombarding your body with stress hormones constantly. Think about years of it, the toll it can take on your body… especially once women have children… with the way we push ourselves {yah, I’m talking to you, “supermom”} You try to rest but you can’t seem to really recover. You end up using up your batteries {AKA: your adrenals} and you feel like crap.

Hiya! I’m Anne Hayman. I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist + Esthetician. I have been on a natural path of healing myself for 20+ years. Growing up with an autoimmune disorder + anxiety {without knowing what it was} was annoying, but it forced me to search out holistic therapies + become interested in {AKA: obsessed with} helping others with similar issues once I found things that really worked. That’s why I started Indie Lovely.


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I started my official education in 1994: read more about me HERE.


It’s time for you to start to feel better.
With a few changes to your lifestyle, you CAN feel better! Right away!


Aromatherapy can help you:

  • boost your immune system. Essential oils have been used for generations with no side effects! Certain oils are anti-viral, antiseptic + antibiotic. {goodbye, flu!}
  • relax. Aromatherapy affects your nervous system quickly, calming you down in stressful times, regulating those anxiety fueled stress hormones and allowing the body to heal.
  • focus. I get “brain fog” {AKA: spaced-out, vegged-out, DUH…} and I use essential oils to help me concentrate.
  • manage chronic pain. Some essential oils are analgesic {pain reducing} + anti-inflammatory.
  • manage your moods. Even out those jagged edges + smooth out that emotional rollercoaster you feel like you’re on.
  • take great care of your skin. Certain oils stimulate cell renewal, others improve elasticity. There are oils for every skin type and condition.
  • clean your home naturally. You can create an amazing cleansing spray with essential oils that is antibacterial and antiseptic. For waaaay less than you can buy one for at the store.
  • smell good + positively affect others. Diffuse oils to relax your family at bedtime or help coworkers focus.


Sounds amazing, right?

A one hour appointment is $85.

It includes our session + the cost of a custom oil kit that I will send you within 3 days of our appointment. {additional shipping charges may apply to some international countries}

I love to work with clients online from their location anywhere in the world. How amazing is the internet!? We can do a phone or skype appointment, depending on where you are!

Email me at: Anne@indielovely.com so we can set up a time that works for both of us.

I looking forward to working with you soon.


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P.S. I publish free tips for using aromatherapy in Indie Lovely Digital Magazine. Check out the holiday issue HERE which has a winter essential oil guide.


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