Craft Show Booth Set Up Ideas

I love craft shows, indie shopping events, DIY craft-a-ramas… You get the idea. I go gaga over the set ups people come up with. Here are a few of my favorite booths from some of the indoor shows I have been to. Along with my top five tips for creating amazing vendor displays for craft shows.

Tip #1… Use ALL of your space. Including the space above your head. Construct an eye catching banner attached to two sturdy poles. Either place it behind you using two umbrella stands, or attach it to your table, making sure you will fit under the banner when you stand behind your booth. Also remember the front of your table is showing {and everything under it, unless it is covered by a floor length drape} PLEASE make sure your table covering is clean, free of wrinkles, and interesting to look at. Which does not always mean you need a loud pattern. A simple colored sheet of fabric will do. Especially if you add your logo or banner to the front of your table. ALWAYS practice your set up before the day of the show, and take pictures so you remember how to reconstruct it.

Tip #2… Use small shelving units that you make yourself or purchase from stores like target, ikea or even your local thrift store. Paint a neutral color. You want your products to stand out and look organized. I especially like this idea for bath and body sellers. Clean = good.


Tip #3… Here is another way to use shelving, this time instead of a table. Use them to create a cubicle of sorts, so that people can shop from the inside or the outside. That way you can maximize that space that you have into a welcoming area of interest for shoppers.


Tip #4… Use chalkboards to announce your prices. I really like this huge free standing one. {Another great way to use your space creatively} You could also get smaller versions of these chalkboard signs to put on your table, with similarly priced items grouped together. 


Tip #5… Vintage suitcases, hat boxes, crates, and containers make eye catching displays. Try to vary the heights of your objects so that you are filling your space. A table full of things all laid out on the same level can look kinda blah. Don’t be boring. You have only a few seconds to catch those shoppers as they walk by. Without proper props {sorry, had to do it} your cool and interesting items will get passed right by for that super fun looking table next to yours.

Check out my Flickr for more pics of cool craft show booths, and the article my friend Emma wrote about her experience with crafts shows. So much great advice! If you have any advice you would like to share, please do so in the comments.

Have a great show!
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